William Eggleston's Guide
Essay by John Szarkowski
The Museum of Modern Art, 1976, 2002

The Democratic Forest
Introduction by Eudora Welty
Afterword by William Eggleston and Mark Holborn
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Faulkner's Mississippi
Text by Willie Morris
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Ancient and Modern
Introduction by Mark Holborn
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Horses and Dogs
Essay by Richard B. Woodward
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The Hasselblad Award 1998: William Eggleston
Essay by Walter Hopps
Essay by Thomas Weski
Interview with Ute Eskildsen
Hasselblad Center, 1999

Text by Bruce Wagner
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William Eggleston
Foundation Cartier, 2001

Los Alamos
Introduction by Walter Hopps
Essay by Thomas Weski
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5 x 7
Twin Palms Publishers, 2007

William Eggleston's "Stranded in Canton" (Book & DVD)
Twin Palms, 2008

William Eggleston: Democratic Camera, Photographs and Video, 1961-2008
Texts by Elisabeth Sussman, Thomas Weski, Tina Kukielski, and Stanley Booth
The Whitney Museum of American Art, 2008

The Spirit of Dunkerque
Text by Vincent Gerard and Jean-Pierre Rehm
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Before Color
Text by Thomas Weski
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For Now
Texts By Michael Almereyda, Lloyd Fonvielle, Kristine Mckenna, Greil Marcus, and Amy Taubin
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Steidl, 2011

Los Alamos Revisited
Steidl, 2012

Los Alamos
Text by William Eggleston III and Mark Holborn
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At Zenith
Steidl, 2013

From Black and White to Color
Text by Thomas Weski
Steidl, 2014

The Democratic Forest
Texts by Mark Holborn and Eudora Welty
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A Cor Americana
Texts By David Byrne, Geoff Dyer, Thyago Nogueira, John Szarkowski, and Richard Woodward
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Text by Philip Prodger
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The Democratic Forest, Selected Works
Text by Alexander Nemerov
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